Custom Solutions

Unlock personalized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Crafting Bespoke Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

We are happy to provide dedicated support for customers seeking bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs and business requirements upon request.

The creation of custom solutions is determined by the complexity of the project, and our typical lead times, encompassing development and manufacturing, generally range from 8 to 12 weeks.

For further information about our development capabilities and detailed information on project timeframes, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Explore our comprehensive options for Xilinx passive adapters and FFED adapters below, including solutions for Kintex Ultrascale+, Virtex UltraScale+, Zynq UltraScale+, Versal™ AI Core, Versal™ Premium, and Versal™ Prime.

Our Portland based manufacturing facility is equipped with regular and vapor phase reflow ovens. Additionally, we have specialized custom balling equipment, allowing us to offer small batch reflow services for various designs, including Passive, Pactive, Active BGA, and Socket-based designs.

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Xilinx Passive Adapters

Kintex Ultrascale+
KU11P-A1156 KU11P-D900 KU11P-E1517 KU13P-E900
KU15P-A1156 KU15P-A1760 KU15P-E1517 KU15P-E1760
KU3P-A676 KU3P-B676 KU3P-B784 KU3P-D900
KU5P-A676 KU5P-B784 KU5P-D900 KU9P-E900
Virtex UltraScale+
VU11P-B2104 VU11P-C2104 VU11P-D2104 VU11P-F1924
VU13P-A2104 VU13P-B2104 VU13P-C2104 VU13P-D2104
VU19P-A3824 VU19P-B3824 VU23P-A1365 VU23P-J1760
VU27P-A2577 VU27P-D2104 VU29P-A2577 VU29P-D2104
VU31P-H1924 VU33P-H2104 VU35P-H2104 VU35P-H2892
VU37P-H2892 VU3P-C1517 VU45P-H2104 VU45P-H2892
VU47P-H2892 VU57P-K2892 VU5P-A2104 VU5P-B2104
VU5P-C2104 VU7P-A2104 VU7P-B2104 VU7P-C2104
VU9P-A2104 VU9P-B2104 VU9P-C2104 VU9P-D2104
Zynq UltraScale+
ZU11-B1517 ZU11-C1156 ZU11-C760 ZU15-B1156
ZU15-C900 ZU17-B1517 ZU17-C1760 ZU17-D1760
ZU17-E1924 ZU19-B1517 ZU19-C1760 ZU19-D1760
ZU19-E1924 ZU21DR-D1156 ZU25DR-E1156 ZU25DR-G1517
ZU27DR-E1156 ZU27DR-G1517 ZU28DR-E1156 ZU28DR-G1517
ZU29DR-F1760 ZU2-A484 ZU2-A625 ZU2-C784
ZU3-9DR-F1760 ZU3-A484 ZU3-A625 ZU3-C784
ZU43DR-E1156 ZU43DR-G1517 ZU46DR-H1760 ZU47DR-E1156
ZU47DR-G1517 ZU48DR-E1156 ZU48DR-G1517 ZU49DR-F1760
ZU4-B900 ZU4-C784 ZU5-B900 ZU5-C784
ZU6-B1156 ZU6-C900 ZU7-B900 ZU7-C1156
ZU7-F1517 ZU9-B1156 ZU9-C900
Versal™ AI Core
VC1352-VBVA1024 VC1352-VSVE1369 VC1502-VBVA1024 VC1502-VSVA1596
VC1502-VSVA2197 VC1502-VSVG1369 VC1702-VSVA1596 VC1702-VSVE1369
VC1802-VIVA1596 VC1802-VSVA2197 VC1802-VSVD1760 VC1902-VIVA1596
VC1902-VSVA2197 VC1902-VSVD1760
Versal™ Premium
VP1102-VFVA1760 VP1102-VFVC1760 VP1102-VSVA2785 VP1202-VSVA2197
VP1202-VSVA2785 VP1402-VFVC1760 VP1402-VSVA2785 VP1402-VSVA3340
VP1502-VSVA2785 VP1502-VSVA3340 VP1552-VSVA2785 VP1552-VSVA3340
VP1702-VSVA3340 VP1702-VSVA3341
Versal™ Prime
VM1102-SFVB625 VM1102-VFVB1024 VM1302-VFVA1760 VM1302-VFVB1024
VM1302-VFVB1369 VM1302-VFVF1369 VM1302-VSVD1760 VM1402-VFVA1760
VM1402-VFVB1024 VM1402-VFVF1369 VM1402-VSVD1760 VM1502-VFVB1369
VM1502-VFVC1760 VM1802-VFVC1760 VM1802-VFVD1760 VM1802-VSVA2197
VM2502-VSVA2197 VM2602-VFVA1760 VM2602-VFVC1760 VM2902-VFVC1760

FFED Active Adapters

Versal™ AI Core
FFED-VC1902-VIVA1596 FFED-VC1902-VSVD1760 FFED-VC2802-VSVH1760 FFED-VP1902-VSVA6865

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