Introducing the Loadslammer Xilinx Versal PDN Test Tools

Recently the CEO and founder of ProGrAnalog, Roger Beeton, took part in a webinar hosted by ElectronicDesign.comHow to properly test a high current FPGA power distribution network.

The webinar reviewed how testing real world regulator performance, under normal and worst-case operating conditions with a LoadSlammer Xilinx Versal AI FFED Test System, is the optimal way is to verify power delivery performance. They also reviewed and explained the various tests the FFED solution provides including: OCP, transient, 3DSweep and Large output Impedance.  

Although the performance per watt is best in class, the need for higher supply currents, higher current load steps, lower voltages and tighter regulation requirements is even greater. The design challenge is to eliminate non linearities and resonances in the power delivery scheme whilst keeping tight tolerances.  

We are delighted to announce the release of LoadSlammer adaptor kits to quickly evaluate, characterize and validate power delivery schemes for AMD Versal™ AI Core Series devices.

For availability and additional information visit Mouser Electronics

3D Sweep: Power Module Games Round 2

And the winner is… This summer, ProGrAnalog are hosting the Power Module Games where 5 DC-DC power module evaluation boards are competing for the chance to be crowned champion of the power modules.

INTRODUCING The Power Module Games!

Predict a champion for your chance to win a Loadslammer.

This summer, ProGrAnalog are hosting our very own tournament – “The Power Module Games”.

Five DC-DC power module evaluation boards from MPS, Infineon, Analog Devices, Max Linear and Texas Instruments will be competing the chance to be crowned champion of the power modules!

We’re inviting the engineering community to join in with our competition and predict who will be crowned the ultimate champion. All entries that correctly predict the winner will enter a draw to win one of our LoadSlammer Pro Mini 40 test units.

How it works

We will be using ProGrAnalog’s LoadSlammer tools to evaluate the performance of these five competitors across 6 rounds of testing:

  1. Transient Testing
  2. 3D Sweep
  3. Efficiency
  4. Output Ripple
  5. Current Density
  6. Impedance

How to Enter

If you would like to take part in the competition click here to predict your champion and make sure to follow us on Linkedin for the latest ProGrAnalog news and power module games updates!

Let the games begin!!

The five DC-DC power modules used are: Analog Devices LTM4681, Infineon IRDC28063, MaxLinear MxL 7225, Monolithic Power Systems MPM3690-30A & Texas Instruments LMZ31530. ProGrAnalog as competition sponsor, takes an impartial stance in presenting the results. The Power Module Games is intended to stimulate discussions within the engineering community and provides a forum for power testing best practices. See competition terms & conditions.

Exploring the LoadSlammer Pro 1000 RS

LoadSlammer Pro 1000 RW Product Overview

The first in an entirely new line of LoadSlammer products, the LoadSlammer Pro 1000. The LSP 1000 is the next step up for your testing environment, adding powerful new options to your test suite.

Application Uses

  • DC-DC Point of Load Transient Testing
  • Multi Phase Testing
  • Large Signal Stability Analysis
  • Motherboard Verification
  • DC-DC Firmware Validation
  • DDR5
  • Datacenter, Telecom, Storage, Servers, Video Routers

Software Options

  • Auto Phase Stress Testing
  • Large Signal Impedance Analysis up to 5MHz
  • Large Signal Model generation for seamless integration into Cadence and Altium PCB Design Tools
  • API Integration into NI Tool Environment 
  • Real Time Oscilloscope

Key Features

  • 500A DC Pulse Loading, 1A steps
  • 1000A/us Slew Rate
  • Programable Slew Rate
  • Scalable, add up to 4 in parallel
  • Arbitrary Impedance Waveform Generator
  • Integrated 4D testing, frequency, duty cycle, current
  • Vendor Specific Test Suites
  • Interposer and Adaptor compatible
  • Expansion Port for additional functionality

Roger Beeston

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