ProGrAnalog’s Portland, Oregon Site Expansion Continues

ProGrAnalog’s Portland, Oregon site expansion continues with the addition of a Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly Line.

“This investment marks an important milestone in our growth. We responded to customers who required faster turnaround in supply of our LoadSlammer products,” said Roger Beeston, CEO at ProGrAnalog.

“As our Customers move to System on Chip (SOC) designs. SOC ball lock is one of the last stages of development. That’s when the custom portion of our work starts. With the ball lock data, we get to work on developing the Form Factor Equivalent Devices for SOC power validation.

The product development cycle time for customers to test & validate their power delivery scheme before their new SOC silicon gets back is more complicated and the return on investment is greater with a shorter cycle.  To improve quality and time to market for our customers, we needed to have greater control and avoid unnecessary delays on supplying test tools to our customers.”