LoadSlammer Pro 1000 Remote Sense

LoadSlammer Pro 1000RS with Current Range of 1A to 500A with Remote Sensor for Voltage monitoring at High Current. Suitable for high power CPU transient load testing.

External remote sense for more flexible sensing and minimizing coupling in high di/dt environments. Each unit can test 500A with current resolution of 1A, it can slew greater than 3200A/us. The LSP1000RS is also a scalable solution. Three LSP1000RS can be connected in parallel to test 1500A, 10,000A/us. Voltage and current measurements are captured for every test taken. Realtime current is displayed on the GUI and via SMB situated on top of the device. There is no need for additional test equipment to perform testing of the voltage for transient behaviour. Both stimuli and measurements are generated and measured with this device.

See video: LoadSlammer Pro 1000RS in Action

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